Friends of Down Syndrome, Houston
Prince Cory - Captain: Karen E Evans


Welcome to our Cinderella Ball Fundraising Page! 


We will celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, March 23, 2019 with our entire family and friends who have made the journey with us. Your involvement in the Cinderella Ball, either by becoming a Corporate Sponsor or by donating, will help make it possible for Friends of Down Syndrome to continue it’s mission to provide a lifelong of education and learning opportunities for teens and adults with Down Syndrome through education, socialization, and community outreach.



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If you would like to help my team, you can be one of our "Team Leaders" by:

*Sharing my fundraising page with your friends and family in person, via email, text, Facebook, or any other social media.

*Holding a fundraising event

*Collecting money using "Collection jars" in your office


The sky is the limit!




Thank you for supporting our family -- and all individuals with Down syndrome!!


Team Goal

Team Donors
The Gifford Family
Cliff and Cina Garza
Mary Alice Quinones
Brent and Martha Hall
Wine Tasting
P & B Woodruff
Holiday Market
George & Mary Parnham
Giving Tuesday Facebook
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Barbara Szalkowski
Nancy Gabany
Bruce & Nylah Lukowski
Backyard Grill
BY Grill Fundraiser
Meredith Whitefield
George & Bertha Castillo
Gerti Pater
Market Fair
Karen Evans
Ice Bucket
Travelers - R Romo
Ice Bucket
Laura Morgan
Mom & Kelli
Rummage Sale
Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting
Cleveland Pawn
Mary Ellen Brown
Ice Buck
Raffle Tickets
All Gussied Up Fashion Show
Joe & Laurie Henderson
Raffle Tickets
Mary Parnham
Bryanna Lowe
OYESILE Foundation
Wine Tasting
Yankee Candles
George & Mary Parnham
Jennifer Cerda
Karen Evans
Siebeneicher Family
Barbara Szalkowski
Robt & Martha McFarland
George & Bert Castillo
Kelli Evans
The Backyard Grill
Gertrud Pater
Nicole Allen
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